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Auto Insurance Discounts

Good Student and Good Driver Discounts On Auto Insurance

Are you a good student or college graduate with a B average or better? If so, you could qualify for lower rates depending on the insurance company you're with. Take a look at this list, if you believe you qualify, don't hesitate to mention it to your agent or insurance company.

  • 25 years old or younger: Some states it's 16 to 24, others it's 21.
  • Single: Must not be married
  • B average or better
  • 3.0 GPA average or better
  • Honor Roll or Deans List (not required by most companies unless you don't meet the B average or GPA requirements)
List of Companies with Good Student and College Graduate Discounts
  • AAA Insurance at aaa.com offers a good driver discount, but due to the page re-routing to a specific state on entry, the specifics can not be listed. Give a AAA agent a call and see what kind of discounts they offer.
  • Allstate Insurance Group at allstate.com offers a good student/college graduate discount in addition to many other discounts. Actual savings are not listed as state and eligibility requirements vary. Contact an Allstate insurance agent or Allstate directly for more information on their auto insurance discounts.
  • American Family Insurance at amfam.com offers a Good Student discount for American Family policyholders that are full-time students with a B average, or on the honor roll/dean's list. No specific discounts are stated so you must contact an American Family Insurance agent for more information.
  • Esurance at esurance.com offers many discounts including a good student discount. The actual savings aren't given as they vary by state, as do some of the minimum eligibility requirements. For more info on Esurance visit their website and get an insurance quote, or call them directly.
  • Farmers Insurance Group at farmers.com offers a good student/graduate discount for graduates and good students that meet the typical minimum requirements, 25 or younger with a B average or better. Amount of discount is not stated as actual discounts vary by state.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company at libertymutual.com has an entire section on their website devoted to educating parents and teens, and of course insuring them. Among the listed discounts is a Good Student discount, though, no specific requirements are stated.
  • Nationwide Insurance at nationwide.com has many discounts offered to drivers, one of them being a Good Student discount that saves up to 15% on a teens car insurance premium for meeting the requirements of a B average or better. Also offered at Allied Insurance through Nationwide.
  • PEMCO Auto Insurance at pemco.com offers a Good Student Discount to Washington State drivers with a minimum 3.0 GPA and an eligible driving record.
  • Safeco Insurance Company at safeco.com has a complete teen drivers website located at teensurance.com. While specific discounts and eligibility requirements are not listed, they do offer a Good Student discount. Contact a Safeco insurance agent or safeco directly for more information on their insurance discounts.
  • Safety Insurance Group of Boston at Safetyinsurance.com, an automobile insurer in Massachusetts offers Boston College graduates
  • State Farm Insurance Company at statefarm.com the largest insurer in the U.S. offers many discounts, and among them a Good Student discount. The discount will vary by state and you will need to contact a State Farm Insurance agent or State Farm directly to get more information on their auto insurance discounts.

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